Linnaemya picta – male genitalia

Linnaemya picta was added to the British list fairly recently but has been found in a few localities this year – namely Kent, Suffolk & Cambridgeshire. There was also a suspected record from the Reading University grounds but this wasn’t confirmed beyond doubt. So it is worth noting that the male genitalia are particularly distinctive, […]

First “real” stacks

Today I test-drove my first proper stacking system:

Canon EOS 1000D (actually a Canon-refurbished Rebel/Xs) Tamron 90mm f/2.8 SP Di lens cheapo adjustable Yongnuo YN560 Chinese flash cheapo Chinese Fotomate macro rail a plastic cup, some foam & one of those sticky rubber mats that they sell to stop rugs moving on laminate flooring.

The […]

Watch out for Linnaemya picta!

Linnaemya picta was added to the British list in the last few years, starting first in Kent and then being found in Suffolk. Ivan Perry has reported some in his garden in Cambridgeshire and Steve Downes has found a lot in Suffolk this year, so it seems to me on the move and spreading in […]

Linnaemya picta

Linnaemya picta was added to the British list after Howard Bentley got in touch with me with some dubious records for L.rossica, in Kent. L.rossica always occurs in upland areas and so a woodland in Kent just wasn’t a viable habitat. I contacted Theo Zeegers in Holland and he suggested that we check them against […]