Opesia grandis

This is another of Ivan Perry’s discoveries and is really rather exciting – a bit more than your average ‘new to the UK’ species because it is incredibly rare even in mainland Europe too. The species seems to be commonest in Eastern Europe but wherever it occurs it is very rare … Peter Tschorsnig (the […]

Phytomyptera zonella & minutissima

These were both discovered by Ivan Perry. Both species are very rare at the time of writing – minutissima coming from the west of England and zonella from the south. Coincidentally, I caught a P.zonella a few days after Ivan caught his but at a different locality. The species can be split here:

Key to […]

Eumea mitis

This one was discovered by Ivan Perry amongst some normal Eumea linearicornis. The two species are quite hard to split but from what we have seen so far mitis is still likely to be much rarer than linearicornis.

1. Facial ridges when seen from the side convex in males, straight in females. Face distinctly longer […]