Eurithia – female sternite 6

These are some figures from Tschorsnig & Herting (1994), showing the sternite 6 of some female Eurithia spp.:

A – Eurithia consobrina (furrow along entire length)

B – Eurithia connivens (furrow on only anterior half)

C – Eurithia vivida & intermedia (anterior indentation)

Unfigured (sternite domed) – Eurithia caesia & anthophila (slightly)


Panzeria, Eurithia, Appendicia & Fausta male genitalia

This is a reprint of the genitalia figures from van Emden’s 1957 handbook – out of print for many years. I find them quite useful for double-checking males – if I get good feedback then I might turn this into a larger article.

For reference the key to this diagram is:

P – Panzeria […]