Phytomyptera nigrina seen in Lincolnshire

Had a very good record recently, sent in by Phil Porter, of Phytomyptera nigrina. Richard Davidson took the specimen at Whisby Nature Park on 22nd April. Here is a photo of the specimen – note the “disappearing” median vein and the complete lack of m-cu vein – very rare features:

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  1. Dear Sir,
    I am working on tachinids of Western Ghats of Maharashtra of India. I did not get good photographs by my present camera Canon S5Is Power Shot please suggest proper camera and lens.
    thanks in anticipation

    bhoje p m

    1. For this kind of photo you really need a digital SLR with a good macro lens. Mine is a Canon EOS 1000D (refurbished & bought on eBay) and a Tamron 90mm SP, which gives me up to 1:1 magnification with fairly good image quality. Attach to this a decent flash and a simple diffuser to stop shadows – a foam coffee cup will do this job well. Then if your depth of focus is too shallow you should consider a technique called ‘photo stacking’ to combine many images into 1 clear image. Sign up to the forum where you will get plenty of advice on technique and equipment.

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