A quick guide to the new UK phasiines

This year we have been lucky enough to receive records for 2 new species to the UK – Ectophasia crassipennis & Phasia aurigera. These both bear a resemblance to Phasia hemiptera and have been confused with them in the past so I thought I’d put together a few pointers on how to spot them.


Thelyconychia solivaga

Recently I have been working on adding a new species to the British list to our key. Thelyconychia solivaga is a small tachinid that seems to live on fairly stony/rocky coastal sites and is very rare in the UK – in fact only 3 specimens have been found so far (by Laurence Clemons in Kent […]

Botria subalpina found in Scotland

Botria (=Bothria) subalpina is a Spring species previously thought to be found in northern & eastern Europe – I have specimens from Finland and Bavaria. But recently Murdo Macdonald sent some flies to the National Museum of Scotland and David Horsfield spotted a fly that keyed out to Bothria subalpina in the Central European key. […]

Leucostoma anthracinum

Leucostoma are little black tachinids with very large white calyptrae – usually found in southern Europe this is a very rare genus in the UK. Leucostoma anthracinum is fairly easy to identify though from the other UK species because tergites 4-5 are dusted.

Key to the genus Leucostoma

Small dark flies with large, white calyptrae.


Cylindromyia auriceps

This species is still only known in the UK from the 2 specimens Steve Falk picked up in the South Downs (I think!), though it is very common in southern Europe.

Key to the genus Cylindromyia

1. Hind tibia without posteroventral bristles [Scutellum with 3 pairs of marginal bristles; 9-11mm in length, abdomen without median […]

Opesia grandis

This is another of Ivan Perry’s discoveries and is really rather exciting – a bit more than your average ‘new to the UK’ species because it is incredibly rare even in mainland Europe too. The species seems to be commonest in Eastern Europe but wherever it occurs it is very rare … Peter Tschorsnig (the […]

Phytomyptera zonella & minutissima

These were both discovered by Ivan Perry. Both species are very rare at the time of writing – minutissima coming from the west of England and zonella from the south. Coincidentally, I caught a P.zonella a few days after Ivan caught his but at a different locality. The species can be split here:

Key to […]

Eumea mitis

This one was discovered by Ivan Perry amongst some normal Eumea linearicornis. The two species are quite hard to split but from what we have seen so far mitis is still likely to be much rarer than linearicornis.

1. Facial ridges when seen from the side convex in males, straight in females. Face distinctly longer […]

Linnaemya picta

Linnaemya picta was added to the British list after Howard Bentley got in touch with me with some dubious records for L.rossica, in Kent. L.rossica always occurs in upland areas and so a woodland in Kent just wasn’t a viable habitat. I contacted Theo Zeegers in Holland and he suggested that we check them against […]