Clytiomya continua vs Eliozeta pellucens

Clytiomya continua has been on the British list for quite some time and located in the North Essex / South Hertfordshire area. But it was recently joined by a very close cousin, Eliozeta pellucens, which spread in from the east – starting in Norfolk and is now found as far west as Buckinghamshire.

The problem is that the 2 genera are so similar that they can be very difficult to split in photos so I thought I’d put something together to help us all work them out.

FeatureClytiomya continuaEliozeta pellucens
Katepisternal bristles23 (lower sometimes very thin)
Males: median hairs on tergites raised; >0.5x the marginal bristlesprone; any erect hairs <0.5x length of marginal bristles
Males: tergite 6 always hairyusually bare or few hairs
Females: parafrontalia outside frontal bristlesbarehairy

Eliozeta pellucens photos

Clytiomya continua photos