Gonia face colour

In the keys to Gonia one of the couplets asks you to consider the shininess of the face but this can be a confusing thing to judge when you only have one specimen. In this mini article I have taken photos of the 2 choices to make it clear. The first thing to do is to make sure that you are looking from the front with even light.

Gonia capitata (female) CMTR 15-01-20_153850_M=A_R=8_S=4 Gonia divisa (male) CMTR 15-01-20_154609_M=CThe first photo shows Gonia capitata (but also ornata looks like this) and these are the species described as “reflective yellowish-white” while the last photo shows Gonia divisa, which is the species described as “matt orange”. Really both species have an orange face but capitata/ornata are highly dusted with reflective scales while divisa is not shiny..