How to identify greenbottles in photos

There are a few greenbottle tachinids and one of them (Chrysosomopsis aurata) is incredibly rare so I thought it might be worth showing how to identify it from the others. It is on the wing in late summer so could be easy to confuse for commoner species:

  • Hairy eyes and strong erect bristles on the abdomen – median discals and margins present?
    • Flying in Spring with black palps; thorax and abdomen the same colour, 4 post-sutural dorsocentrals – Gymnocheta viridis
      [fairly common on sunny tree trunks or fence posts]
    • Flying in Summer with yellow palps; thorax greenish and abdomen blueish, 3 post-sutural dorsocentrals – Chrysosomopsis aurata
      [extremely rare – only a few UK records]
  • Bare eyes?
    • One pair of post-sutural acrostichal bristles?
      • Large, usually bluish-green fly with a bright yellow, broad face – Cynomya mortuorum
        [an unusual species but seen fairly frequently]
      • Small shining green fly with no dusting; usually some gree on the face – Neomyia cornicina
        [very commonly seen on flowers]
      • Medium-sized, dull-green fly with traces of white dusting at the front of the thorax – Eudasyphora cyanella
        [very common]
    • Two or three pairs of post-sutural acrostichal bristles?
      • Lucilia sp.
        [a few very common species, like caesar and sericata, but others are fairly rare]

I have deliberately left out genera like Bellardia as I think the green colour isn’t as shining and “greenbottleish” as the others. All comments appreciated – this is a first draft so probably has errors.