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Pelatachina tibialis (Fallen, 1810)

Synonymstibialis (Fallen, 1810 - Tachina) [=aestiva (Meigen, 1824 - Tachina)] =thyamis (Walker, 1849 - Tachina)]
Comments9mm, black&grey with reddish tibiae and usually a double row of bristles on the hind tibia.
Shaw & Ford (1991)Aglais urticae (L.): 1 male, 1., 8.vi.80, 18.vi.80, em. 1980, Perthshire (J.R.M.); Aglais ichnusa (Hubner): 3 bs of 1-2 (unsexed), 23.vii.73, FRANCE [Corsica] (M.C.S.). Parasitic chiefly on vannessine larvae but also recorded from some noctuids.
Belshaw (1993)The first-instar larva is not heavily sclerotised and does not make host-searching movements, indicating that the egg is probably laid on the host. Usually solitary, leaving the host to pupate in the soil and usually overwintering as a pupartum. Hosts: chiefly Nymphalidae larvae (Lepidoptera), the majority of records from Inachis io and Aglais urticae. In Europe also a few records from Noctuidae (Lep.). In Britain: Nymphalidae - Aglais urticae (5), Eurodryas aurinia (1 - UMM and LM), Inachis io (Ford, 1976). Also an unidentified Geometnidae (Lep.) (UMO). British distribution: England, Wales (Glamorgan) and N.Scotland. Flight period: May and June (at least 50 records). In Europe occasional specimens in July and August indicating a partial second generation (Tschorsnig, pers. comm.).
Tschorsnig & Herting (1994)Europe to Scandinavia; NS NW HE RP BW BY NB / A CH. Bushes forest edges. 1 generation from End April to Early July (especially May); Single specimens from End July to End August might also be an incomplete 2nd generation. On foliage; frequent. Aglais urticae L Inachis io L Nymphalis antiopa L N. polychloros L Vanessa atalanta L V. indica Herbst (Nymphalidae); only individuals reported from some Noctuidae.
JNCC review (1996)-
Shaw & Ford (2000)Vanessa atalanta (L.): 2 puparia p.l.e. 26.vi.96 unemerged St Catherine\'s Point Isle of Wight (AS); Aglais urticae (L.): 15 examples ex larvae 29.vi.92 1993 Wellingborough Northamptonshire (JHP); 8 examples ex 6 hosts (1 male examined) ex larvae 18.vi.96 27.vi.96 15.iv.97 Wellingborough Northamptonshire (PT); 10 examples (1 male emerged) ex larvae 2.vii.95 5.vii.95 vi.96 Ardgour Argyll (THF); Inachis io (L.): 3 males 3 females ex larvae 7.vii.73 ca 20.vii.73 iv.74 Stroud Gloucestershire (MRS); 1 example ex larva (unknown dates) Redditch Worcestershire (JM); 1 male ex larva 12.vii.93 25.vii.93 viii.93 Catcliffe South Yorkshire (THF); 1 female ex larva 25.vii.96 1.viii.96 em. 1997 Thorpe Wood Co. Durham (HAE).
NBN code NBNSYS0000030088 BRC code 14501
StatusUnknown BENHS drawer7.5 3m 1f
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