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Pales pavida (Meigen, 1824)

Synonymspavida (Meigen, 1824 - Tachina) [=apicalis (Stephens, 1829 - Tachina), nomen nudum] [=plumbea (Stephens, 1829 - Tachina), nomen nudum] [=infensans (Walker, 1853 - Tachina)] [=internexa (Walker, 1853 - Tachina)] [=cilipeda (Rondani, 1859 - Phorocera)]
CommentsDark with blueish tinge, variable size, facial ridges with equally sized bristles rising up from the vibrissae to at least 1/2 the distance to the antennae, hind tibiae orange tinged
Shaw & Ford (1991)-
Belshaw (1993)
Tschorsnig & Herting (1994)[Ctenophorocera]. Europe to Scandinavia; SH NS NW HE RP BW BY NB / A CH. Forest edges bushes meadows. Spring generation from Mid April to End June summer generation from Early July to Mid September individual specimens at End October. (= partial 3rd generation?). On flowers or foliage; frequent. Polyphagous on numerous Macrolepidoptera and some Microlepidoptera.
JNCC review (1996)-
Shaw & Ford (2000)Zygaena filipendulae (L.): 3 examples, ex prepupae, Jacob's Well, Surrey (WGT); 1 male, ex larva, em. 23.vi.95, St Michael's Mount, Cornwall (WGT); 1 female, ex prepupa, 17.vi.97, Mullion Cove, Cornwall (WGT); Zygaena lonicerae (Scheven): 1 male, ex prepupa, 15.vii.97, 29.vii.97, Sheffield, Yorkshire (THF); 1 male, ex prepupa, em. vi.1997, Wirksworth, Derbyshire (BS); Cacoecimorpha pronubana (Hubner): 1 example, ex larva, vii.65, Camberwell, London, (AME/JMC-H); Thymelicus acteon (Rottemburg): 1 male, coll. and em. 1997, Dungy Head, Lulworth, Dorset (NADB/BGd); Colias croceus (Geoffroy): 1 male, 2 females, ex larvae, em. 5-12.xii.96, Worksop, Nottinghamshire (MCW); Lycaena dispar (L.), semi-captive colony of ssp. batavus (Oberth¦r): 1 male, 1 female, and a brood of 1 male 1 female, ex larvae, 1997, Woodwalton Fen, Huntingdonshire (LM); Aglais urticae (L.): brood of 2 (1 male emerged), ex pupa, 16.vii.97, 20.vii.97, 6.viii.97, Sheffield, Yorkshire (THF); Coenonympha tullia (M¦ller): 1 male, ex 5th. instar larva, 1.v.97, 13.v.97, 31.v.97, Hatfield Chase, Yorkshire (MCW); Malacosoma neustria (L.): 2 males, em. vi.92, Portslade, Sussex (ARC); Lycia lapponaria (Boisduval) on Myrica: 2 females, 4.vii.92, vii-viii.92, 14.viii-ix.92, Resipole, Argyll (MRS); Euproctis chrysorrhoea (L.): 1 male, em. vi.92, 1 male, ex larva, 1996, Portslade, Sussex (ARC); 2 males, 1 female, 5.vi.95, 17.vi.95, London (GK); Spilosoma lubricipeda (L.), semi-captive: 1 male, ex larva, 1997, Portslade, West Sussex (ARC); Xestia sp.: 6 examples, ex larvae, 4.xi-15.xii.93, 27.xii.93-10.i.94, 7-24.i.94, Heddon-on-the-Wall, Northumberland (HA); Orthosia miniosa (Denis & Schifferm¦ller) on Quercus mas: 1 male, ex larva, 18.v.96, 9.vi.96, 28.vi.96, FRANCE [St. AlvÌre, Dordogne] (MRS); Orthosia gracilis (Denis & Schifferm¦ller) on Myrica: 6 males, 1 female, ex larvae, 4.vii.92, vii.92, viii.92, Resipole, Argyll (MRS); Orthosia stabilis (Denis & Schifferm¦ller) on Quercus: 1 female, ex larva, 1.vii.95, 13.vii.95, 26.vii.95, Loch Arkaig, Argyll (THF); ? Orthosia gothica (L.): 1 male, ex larva, 5.vii.86, viii.86, Cornwall (JLG); Mythimna sp.: 1 example, ex larva, 3.iv.95, 8.iv.95, Sheffield, South Yorkshire (THF); Calophasia lunula (L.): 1 male,1973, Dungeness, Kent (DO'K/JMC-H); Xylena vetusta (Hubner): 1 male, p.l.e. vii.92, em. 11.viii.92, Resipole, Argyll (MRS); Spodoptera cilium (Guenée), captive: 1 male, ex larva, v.93, 1993, Caxton, Norfolk (GMH); plusiine larva on Medicago: 1 female (very small), 27.vii.96, x.96, Cothill, Oxfordshire (ARC). C. pronubana, T. acteon, C. croceus, L. dispar, C. tullia, L. lapponaria and S. cilium, are new host records and, as far as we can ascertain, the rearing from C. tullia is the first record of a tachinid reared from this species (which is seldom collected as a larva).
NBN code NBNSYS0000030229 BRC code 8901
Status BENHS drawer4.4 18
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