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Dufouria chalybeata (Meigen, 1824)

Synonymschalybeata (Meigen, 1824 - Tachina) [=?promano (Harris, [1780] - Musca), unavailable] [=promans, error] [=reventa (Walker, 1853 - Tachina)]
Comments6mm, shiny black
Shaw & Ford (1991)-
Belshaw (1993)Appears to lay the egg on the host larva, overwintering as a larva within the adult and leaving it in the spring to pupate. Hosts: Cassida spp (Chrysomelidae). In Britain: C.rubiginosa (2 - NHM) and C. vinidis (NHM). British distribution: S.England, (southern) Midlands, Wales and N.England (Lancs*). Flight period: early June to early July (at least 50 records). 1 generation per year.
Tschorsnig & Herting (1994)Temperate Europe to Scandinavia; NS NW HE RP BW BY NB / A CH. Bushes forest edges. Mid May to Mid July 1 generation. In low vegetation; altogether frequent however usually only single specimens. Imagines from Cassida rubiginosa Muell C. viridis L. and C. deflorata Suff. (Chrysomelidae).
JNCC review (1996)-
Shaw & Ford (2000)-
NBN code NBNSYS0000030046 BRC code 2101
StatusUnknown BENHS drawer1.3 4
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