Help needed with DNA barcoding of European tachinids

Tachinid Times #26 has some very interesting articles on a few projects around the world to compile DNA phylogenies of tachinids. One such is by my good friend Jaakko Pohjoismäki, who is looking at European tachinids. He has a few genera and species that he is having trouble locating so I am listing them here in case anyone can help:


Admontia seria (Meigen)

Bessa parallela (Meigen)

Carcelia puberula Mesnil, C. tibialis (R.-D.)

Chetogena apart from C. tschorsnigi Ziegler

Drino atropivora (R.-D.), D. bohemica Mesnil, D. gilva (Hartig)

Erycia apart from E. fatua (Meigen)

All Exorista sg. Adenia apart from E. rustica (Fallén) Exorista fasciata (Fallén)

All Istocheta spp.

Ligeriella aristata (Villeneuve)

Medina luctuosa (Meigen)

Myxexoristops arctica (Zetterstedt), M. bonsdorffi (Zetterstedt)

Oswaldia eggeri (B. & B.), O. reducta (Villeneuve)

Phebellia clavellariae (B. & B.)

Policheta unicolor (Fallén)

Senometopia confundens (Rondani), S. intermedia (Herting), S. lena(Richter)

Thecocarcelia acutangulata (Macquart)

Vibrissina turrita (Meigen)

Winthemia erythrura (Meigen), W. venusta (Meigen)



Actia infantula (Zetterstedt), A. maksymovi Mesnil

All Anthomyiopsis spp.

All Aphantorhaphopsis spp.

Ceranthia pallida Herting, C. tristella Herting, C. verneri Andersen

Ceromya dorsigera Herting, C. flaviceps (Ratzeburg), C. flaviseta (Villeneuve)

Cleonice keteli Ziegler, C. nitidiuscula (Zetterstedt)

All Germaria spp.

All Graphogaster spp.

Linnaemya haemorrhoidalis (Fallén), L. olsufjevi Zimin, L. rossica Zimin

Macroprosopa atrata (Fallén)

Panzeria laevigata (Meigen), P. vagans (Meigen)

Peleteria ferina (Zetterstedt), P. popelii (Portshinsky)

Peribaea longirostris Andersen, P. setinervis (Thomson)

Phytomyptera nigrina (Meigen), P. riedeli (Villeneuve), P. vaccinii Sintenis

Siphona grandistylum Pandellé, S. hungarica Andersen, S. immaculata Andersen, S. variata Andersen



Billaea fortis (Rondani)

Blepharomyia piliceps (Zetterstedt)

Dexia vacua (Fallén)

All Pandelleia spp.

All Rondania spp.

Stomina tachinoides (Fallén)

Villanovia villicornis (Zetterstedt)



Besseria melanura (Meigen)

Opesia cana (Meigen)

All Strongygaster spp.

The specimens should preferably be collected in the 2000s, but as noted earlier we welcome also older samples. Dry and ethanol-preserved material are both acceptable. Ideally, we would like to borrow the whole specimen for documentation purposes. If you do not wish to donate the specimen, then it will be returned after sampling (removing a leg) and documenting together with a label, which helps to connect the specimen with the barcode in the future. Please feel free to contact us with your thoughts and suggestions. We’re hoping to hear from you!