Some name changes

Belshaw’s 1993 handbook was a great improvement over the nomenclature used in van Emden but since then many of the names have changed. This is pretty boring stuff, so I apologise in advance, but here are the changes and explanations, as far as I know them:

  • Timavia Robineau-Desvoidy 1863 is a junior synonym of Smidtia Robineau-Desvoidy 1830 so Timavia amoena becomes Smidtia amoena Meigen 1824.
  • Erycilla Mesnil 1957 is a junior synonym of Allophorocera Hendel 1901 so Erycilla ferruginea becomes Allophorocera ferruginea (Meigen 1824).
  • Chrysocosmius Bezzi, 1907 not a valid genus name by ICZN rules (complicated story) so Chrysosomopsis Townsend, 1916 is used instead, which means that Chrysocosmius aurata becomes Chrysosomopsis aurata (Fallen 1820).
  • Microsoma exigua Meigen 1824 is corrected to Microsoma exiguum Meigen 1824.
  • Actia nudibasis Stein 1924 is a junior synonym of Actia resinellae Schrank 1781, which replaces it.
  • Peribaea fissicornis Strobl 1909 is a junior synonym of Peribaea setinervis Thomson 1869, which replaces it.
  • Siphona mesnili Andersen 1982 is a junior synonym of Siphona confusa Mesnil 1961, which replaces it.
  • Ernestia Robineau-Desvoidy 1830 is a junior synonym of Panzeria Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830 – this has quite a far-reaching effect because Ernestia puparumrudis, vagans & laevigata all move to Panzeria
  • Cyrtophleba Rondani, 1856 is corrected to Cyrtophloeba Rondani, 1856 following the rule of the first reviser. See explanation in Botria (below).

Taxa not in Belshaw:

  • Bothria Rondani, 1868 is corrected to Botria Rondani, 1856 following the rule of the first reviser. Rondani was very poor at forming linguistically correct names and used many different variations of spelling – often in the same publication, which causes the initial confusion. The next time he used one of those spellings he became the “first reviser” under ICZN rules because he chose the “correct” spelling and so it is this that we have to use. For more information on this issue see: O’Hara, Cerretti, Pape & Evenhuis (2011) Nomenclatural Studies Toward a World List of Diptera Genus-Group Names. Part II: Camillo Rondani.
This website will be changed to reflect these changes (many have been done already) but I am holding back for a little while with some until I work out the best way to do this without confusing people. In particular the changes from Ernestia to Panzeria are potentially quite confusing.