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Sturmia bella (Meigen, 1824) Data Map Records
Synonyms: bella (Meigen, 1824)
Sturmia bella (female) showing bristle comb © Chris Raper, 2005
Sturmia bella (female) © Chris Raper, 2005
Sturmia bella © Chris Raper, 2006
Shaw & Ford (1991): Vanessa atalanta (L.): 1 male, 3 females, p., 15.vii.70, FRANCE [Corsica] (M.R.S.); Aglais urticae (L.): 2 males, p., 3.viii.87, 23.viii.87, FRANCE [Alpes Maritimes] (M.R.S.); Aglais iclinusa (Hubner): 1 male, 2 females, p., 15.vii.70, 18.vii.70, 29.vii.70, FRANCE [Corsica] (M.R.S.); Inachis io (L.): 2 males, p., FRANCE (J.H.J.). A common parasitoid of Vanessinae, the larva usually emerging from the host pupa.
Belshaw (1993):
Tschorsnig (1994): Europe to Finland; SH NS NW HE RP BW BY NB / A CH. Meadows bushes forest edges; Prefers warmer areas. Main flight-time Mid July to Mid September few specimens however Early May to Mid October. On flowers and foliage; in warmer Central Europe in open areas not rare (in the North rare) much more often reared from the host. Species of the genera Aglais Araschnia Inachis Nymphalis and Vanessa (Nymphalidae); rarely individuals from other Macrolepidoptera.
JNCC Calypterate Review (1996): -
Shaw & Ford (2000): Vanessa atalanta (L.) on Parietaria: 1 male ex pupa 20.vii.93 viii.93 25.viii.93 FRANCE [St Jean du Gard Gard] (MRS); Aglais urticae (L.): 1 male ex larva vii.94 17.vii.94 vii-viii.94 FRANCE [Manche] (GEK). [add at proof:- ; Inachis io (L.): 1 male (determination confirmed by Dr Tschorsnig) ex pupa 6.vii.98 vii.98 26.vii.98 Bartley Southampton Hampshire (JG). The rearing from I. io is the first British record for S. bella which is a common parasitoid of Nymphalidae on the European mainland. As several of these are among the most commonly reared Lepidoptera it seems probable that S. bella is a recent arrival in Britain possibly released following the importation of caterpillars from abroad.]
Comments: approximately 8mm; orange abdominal side patches variable in size; hind tibia with conspicuous bristle comb; females often have a dense patch of bristles on the sternites.
BRC #: 9301 BENHS: 4.5 1f (donated CMTR) GB Status:
Legend: GBGRB=Great Britain, GBNI=Northern Ireland, IE=Ireland, GBCI=Channel Islands (P=present or -=absent); BENHS indicates whether the BENHS collection has it and which draw/column it is in. Status is taken from the JNCC Calypterate Review (1996) and the JNCC Recorder package (1997). Synonyms were taken from a number of sources but most notably the most recent Checklist of British Diptera by Peter Chandler.
Acknowledgements: Many thanks to all the authors who let me use their information to construct this database. If there are spelling mistakes they were introduced by me during transcription and should not reflect on the original authors.
(All content © copyright Chris Raper and respective authors, 2007)