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Tachina fera (Linnaeus, 1761)

Synonymsfera (Linnaeus, 1761 - Musca) [=reccumbo (Harris, [1776] - Musca), unavailable]
Comments10-14mm, dull black/brown & orange - similar to N.ferox but with brown ANT-3 and legs
Shaw & Ford (1991)-
Belshaw (1993)The first-instar larva lies flat on the leaf, stimulated by vibration to take up the host-searching posture shown in fig.307. Hosts: Noctuidae larvae (Lepidoptera). In Britain: Ceramica pisi (NHM), Cosmia trapezina on Quercus (UMO), Orthosia cruda on Quercus (UMO) and O.cerasi on Quercus (UMO). British distribution: S.England, Midlands, Wales, N.England (Yorks), N Scotland (Rannoch in Perth; Loch Assynt in Sutherland) and Ireland (Waterford, Kerry, Mayo, Galway and Wicklow). Flight period: 2 periods - May/early June and late July to late September (at least 50 records).
Tschorsnig & Herting (1994)[Echinomyia]. Europe to Scandinavia; SH NS NW HE RP BW BY NB / A CH. Forest meadows. 2 generations: End April to End June and (more numerously) Mid July to Mid October. Visits flowers; usually very frequent. Numerous Noctuidae.
JNCC review (1996)-
Shaw & Ford (2000)Ceramica pisi (L.): 1 male ex pupa em. 1994 Salisbury Plain Wiltshire (DR). Mainly parasitic on noctuid larvae with numerous species recorded. Occasional records from Lymantriidae.
NBN code NBNSYS0000030131 BRC code 15701
StatusCommon BENHS drawer8.4 25
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