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Phasia hemiptera (Fabricius, 1794)

Synonymshemiptera (Fabricius, 1794 - Syrphus) [=subcoleoptera: (Fabricius, 1794 - Syrphus)] [=affinis (Fabricius, 1794 - Syrphus)]
CommentsStrongly sexually dimorphic. 11mm brown&orange,no bristles, petiolate vein-m, large head, males with curved, patterned wings. Body shape similar to a Syrphid.
Shaw & Ford (1991)-
Belshaw (1993)Hosts: in Europe single records from Palomena prasina, Pentatoma rufipes and the non-British P.metallifera (Mtsch.) (all Hemiptera: Pentatomidae). No British records. British distribution: S.England (south of a Bistol-London line), Midlands (Hereford and Worcs*), Wales (Merioneth), N.England*, S.Scotland (Kirkcudbright*, Dumfries*, Ayr*, Stirling* and Fife*), N.Scotland (Perth) and Ireland (Clare, Waterford, Wexford*, Kerry*, Dublin*, Wicklow*, Carlow* and Down*). Habitat: in Scotland found in stable, floristically rich, habitats, e.g. old meadows and gorge woodlands previously managed by coppice rotation (Bayne, 1987). In England found in woodland margins and old meadows (Chandler, pers. comm.). Flight period: early May to early August (at least 50 records).
Tschorsnig & Herting (1994)[Allophora]. Europe to Scandinavia; NS NW HE RP BW BY NB / A CH. Dry slopes meadows warm forest edges. 2 generations: Mid April to Mid June and (much more numerously) Mid July to End September. Visits flowers; in warmer Central Europe locally frequent (in Northern Europe only individuals and also in Southern Europe rather rare). Palomena prasina L Pentatoma metallifera Motsch P. rufipes L. (Pentatomidae).
JNCC review (1996)-
Shaw & Ford (2000)-
NBN code NBNSYS0000030025 BRC code 11602
StatusLocal BENHS drawer5.5 28
* mapping provided courtesy of the National Biodiversity Network (NBN); all other content is copyright Chris Raper and respective authors/creators.

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