Dinera grisescens vs Solieria females

This is a confusion pair that I have wanted to separate for a while but it looks like the distinction breaks down as follows:

Dinera grisescensSolieria pacifica (but possibly all Solieria spp.)
Median vein meets the wing edge at vein r4+5 or making a very short petiole by touching r4+5Wing cell R5 open
m-cu at almost the same angle as the median vein after the bendm-cu at very different angles to the median vein after the bend
Tergite 1+2 usually without median marginals Tergite 1+2 median marginals always present
Antenna 3 much shorter than the gena Antenna 3 as long as or longer than the gena
Parafacial much wider than the width of antenna 3Parafacial narrower or as wide as the width of antenna 3