Some tachinid head close-ups

Here are a few of my latest stacks showing some nice tachinid head close-ups. Most were all taken using the Nikkor EL 50mm f2.8 lens reversed on bellows 🙂

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Allophorocera ferruginea (male, x2.3)

Beskia aelops (x3.5, French Guiana)

Billaea kolomyetzi (male, x2.3)

Bithia demotica (male, x2.3)

Bithia demotica (male, x2.3)

Borgmeiermyia sp (male, x4 – using a Schneider Componon 35mm f5.6)

Chrysocosmius aurata (male, x4 – using a Schneider Componon 35mm f4)

Chrysotachina sp. (x3.5, French Guiana)

Gymnocheta viridis (female, x4 – using a Schneider Componon 35mm f5.6)

Linnaemya vulpina (male, x3.7 – using a Schneider Componon 35mm f4 at 75mm)

Pelecotheca (Cryptocladocera) (male, x3.7 – using a Schneider Componon 35mm f4 at 75mm)

Phyllomya volvulus (male, x3)

Prosena siberita (female, x3)

Telothyria sp. (male, French Guiana, x4 – using a Schneider Componon 35mm f5.6)

Some Siphona… and Pseudosiphona

These are a few photos of Siphona spp. in my collection. A few of the identifications, like boreata and maculata, are easy but the others need confirmation because the genus is very difficult and I still haven’t got to grips with them. The specimens were actually taken abroad – in Finland.

The Pseudosiphona is neotropical […]

First “real” stacks

Today I test-drove my first proper stacking system:

Canon EOS 1000D (actually a Canon-refurbished Rebel/Xs) Tamron 90mm f/2.8 SP Di lens cheapo adjustable Yongnuo YN560 Chinese flash cheapo Chinese Fotomate macro rail a plastic cup, some foam & one of those sticky rubber mats that they sell to stop rugs moving on laminate flooring.

The […]

Erynnia ocypterata at Rye Harbour

A couple of days ago I received an interesting parcel from Chris Bentley, the warden of Rye Harbour NR. Chris is a keen Dipterist and had turned up some fantastic records in the past – namely the Brown-tail parasitoid Townsendielomyia nidicola and the extremely rare Huebneria affinis – so I always look forward to receiving […]

Watch out for Linnaemya picta!

Linnaemya picta was added to the British list in the last few years, starting first in Kent and then being found in Suffolk. Ivan Perry has reported some in his garden in Cambridgeshire and Steve Downes has found a lot in Suffolk this year, so it seems to me on the move and spreading in […]


Welcome to the new TRS website – a one-stop-shop for anyone interested in studying UK tachinid flies. The site has the very latest news & information from the recording scheme plus the most up to date species list and key updates.

Currently the Species Accounts page allows you to search for anything on the British […]